Help with your sQuid account.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

How do I use my sQuid card?

Please follow the link below to first register your card before you can make any payments.

After card registration login to your account using your new username and password where you will see card wallets and their respective balances where you proceed to make payments.

How do I pay my tuition fees?

Simply login to your account, click on view offers on your online wallet and enter the amount you wish to pay then click on ‘’Make Payments’’ to complete your transaction.

I have forgotten my username or password

On the login page Click on the ‘’request reminder email’’ to reset your username, or ‘’request reset email’’ for your password and an email with instructions will be sent to your email on how to reset your username or password. Once you reset your email use the new login details to access your account.

How do I top up my card?

Your card will be topped up for you once your HELB loan has been disbursed. A notification will be sent to you informing you of the top-up.

When I try to login to my account, I’m requested to input my card number and security code.

This will occur when you are registering your card for the second time. The system will not allow you to manage your card with two accounts. If you can’t remember your original username/password please refer to (2) above on how to reset your username/password.

Why am I receiving an “invalid card” error when making payment?

This is an indicator that your card is not yet loaded with funds. Liaise with the Bank/HELB to inquire on the status of your funds.

I have paid my tuition fees, how do I verify that with the university?

After making payments the system will notify you via email. The bank will forward the transaction payment file to the university. In case of a dispute please contact the bank for assistance.

I have lost my card, how do I replace it?

Please log in to your sQuid account and click the link on the left hand side of the screen called ‘Lost or Stolen Card’ where you will be able to block the card and select the reason for blocking your card, and please contact the bank and they will be able to order a replacement card for you. Your replacement card will automatically have the balance from your previous card transferred to your new card for you.