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Improving access & education outcomes.


Over one million children in Kenya do not regularly attend school due to environmental, economic and societal issues.

iMlango is a pioneering eLearning programme created to measurably improve education and life outcomes for 150,000 primary school children, including 68,000 marginalised girls, in 205 schools. iMlango is a unique programme created by private companies that is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and sponsored by the UK Department for International Development. In Kenya, the programme is led by sQuid Kenya.

“The iMlango project seems to have managed to join up all the necessary components, and the excitement it has generated in schools is very evident on the faces of not only the children but the head teachers and teachers too”

Chris Wallace, Programme Lead at the Girls’ Education Challenge

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Educating children is a fundamental of our society. But it’s a huge challenge, and there are some barriers. Many schools, teachers and their pupils have no access to digital or internet-based learning tools, nor do they have the ability to monitor even the basics like school attendance.

Education is one of the most significant drivers to help overcome this situation. There are many studies and observations demonstrating the link between education and escape from poverty, and there are many ways to address access to and improvement in education. But the most significant challenge is delivering scale improvement in education in regions such as sub Saharan Africa.


Digital attendance monitoring

iMlango uses sQuid's robust smart-card based attendance monitoring system, which directly assists school management in accurately identifying absenteeism. The non-disruptive process only takes a few minutes each class and introduces students to 'digital' technology.

The secure system generates real-time data and analytics that is used to formulate appropriate actions and strategies to help bring students back to school - helping to identify and address the social and economic issues behind absenteeism.

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Interactive learning platform

For iMlango, sQuid developed the flexible and adaptable production platform to address the needs of this challenging environment. Underpinned by the digital account, the platform tailors educational experiences to deliver better education outcomes.

Designed to accommodate government requirements to deliver eLearning, the flexible platform provides learning content in multiple formats, including: dynamic online apps; third-party sites; static eBook style content; information pages such as a children's encyclopaedia; and interactive components that facilitate literacy competitions suc as the iMlango Junior Debaters contest.

“I am very grateful for iMlango and I promise that Martha will not miss school again, I will put more effort to make sure that my daughter’s education will be a success not only to her but to the entire community"

Parent, AIC Moi Primary School

Cash transfer programme supporting 10,000 households

To help bring low-attending pupils back to school, sQuid's payment system is used to distribute aid to 10,000 households to enable families to buy food, goods or school-related items from local merchants, with the aim to overcome the economic barriers that keep pupils away from school. Merchants in the rural communities use sQuid's robust mobile technology - Android-based device and mobile payment application - to accept payment for the food, goods or other items.

Secure & encrypted Android mobile platform

sQuid's purpose built Android terminal and accompanying Apps provides a secure and encrypted solution,
with offline capabilities, that registers beneficiaries,
manages payments and data transactions .

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